KEY ID Ethereum logic contract module upgrade announcement

Time of upgrade trigger 2020–08–26 24:00 (UTC+8)

Reason for this adjustment

KEY ID ethereum contract has been passed the security audit of trailofbits(

According to the audit advice, the logic contract module will be updated and upgraded, including functional support and optimization of ERC1271/NFT/multi-signature proposal.

This contract code modification is here:

Publicity of the third-party audit report of this contract

The audit report from trailofbits is being issued and will be published after we get the final version.

AccountLogic new contract address: 0x6A3f8fE26c22f6Ec7938ee046a69293F6C692B6F

AccountLogic new contract address:0x205dc661ee6946319ebb0698a017bcc20549910f

DualsigsLogic new contract address: 0xB9D2FcBF411DdB9CdFF0A705abD401217221012A

DualsigsLogic new contract address:0x142914e134348e51c5f402baed81810a1f829e7b

DappLogic new contract address: 0x847f5AbbA6A36c727eCfF76784eE3648BA868808

DappLogic new contract address:0xF9bb55b6a14ACd32066182f0F5f0296073F5D054

ProposalLogic new contract address:0xdc4A5151C0F29f6deFA09b383d04B95d587fA275

CommonStaticLogic new contract address:0x910119BEE96C7A03Dd2597D4596e88bDf3aff682

Time of upgrade trigger

2020-08-26 24:00 UTC+8

Time-Lock effective time

2020-08-26 24:00 UTC+8

If you have any questions about the upgrade announcement, you can contact us: [email protected] or leave messages on GitHub. thank you.