KEY ID Ethereum AccountLogic/DualsigsLogic Contracts Upgrade

Time of upgrade trigger 2020–06–30 18:50 (UTC+8)

KEY ID AccountLogic/DualsigsLogic contracts were upgraded at block 10366659 and 10366683, fixing a proposed bug in the contracts.

Reason for this upgrade

Through the Bug Bounty Program, a proposal bug in the ACCOUNTLOGIC/ DualsigsLogic contract was fixed. No user's assets were lost.

Publicity of this contract code and code diff

Code fix has been audited, and will be made public after more security team audits.

Publicity of the third-party audit report of this contract

Code fix has been audited, and the audit report will be made public after more security team audits.

AccountLogic original contract address


AccountLogic new contract address


DualsigsLogic original contract address


DualsigsLogic new contract address


Time of upgrade trigger

2020–06–26 18:50 (UTC+8)

Time-Lock effective time

2020–06–30 18:50 (UTC+8) (4days delay)

If you have any questions about the upgrade announcement, you can contact us: [email protected] or leave messages on GitHub. thank you.