Guides, resources, and tools for developers building on EOS.

Official Resources

Block.one, who build EOS, also provide plenty of documents.


EOS Wallet Protocol

Major EOS wallets will be compatible with the following two protocols which are essential for H5 Dapp developers:


Below EOS SDKs are verified and workable:

EOS Blockchain Browser

To query block transactions, a block browser is essential. Since the EOS mainnet was launched, until now, many excellent block browsers have emerged, and these top block browsers not only have their own characteristics, but have also withstood the impact of sudden increase in scale data from mining activities.

  • eosflare A browser with the highest availability, developed by a Chinese team.

  • eosq.app Developed by Dfuse team, which provide the most fine-grained data.

  • bloks.io Developed by EOSCafe and EOS HK. It's widely used and very easy to query data of smart contract.

  • eosx.io Developed by EOSAsia, it's like bloks.io; widely used in China.

  • eosauthority Developed by EOS Authority, their REX statistics are very useful.

EOS API Service

Transaction push requires stable and reliable API services. Some highly stable API services are recommended below:

  • dfuse Professional EOS and ETH API service providers who have obtained venture capital. It is recommended to use if high reliability is needed.

  • eoscannon Provide by EOS Cannon, stable and widely used.

  • greymass Widely used. They're very technical, they provided history query alone for a long time.

  • eossweden Stable and widely used.

EOS Node Related

To access EOS mainnet, you need to know the Endpoint information, and a snapshot is also needed to reduce the synchronization time:

The safety of node and smart contract

Node and smart contract's security are very important. EOS DAPPs have been subjected to many attacks and different attack methods. Developers need to understand some security knowledge: