JSBridge is injected javascript code in MYKEY dapp browser enviroment by default, it support Scatter protocol, developers can develop H5 dapp follow Scatter Document, it will also support web3js protocol when MYKEY support ETH.

Special Notice: MYKEY account structure is different with other EOS account, if dapp verify signature in their server side, should use the public key of Reserved, more details see this Document

For ease of use, it provided a few extra methods, e.g. fullscreen, rotation of the sign box, close window and so on

Enter fullscreen mode

Enter fullscreen mode, dapp can adjust the rotation of the sign box according the value of isLandscape

// isLandscape: Rotation of the sign box , ture as horizontal,false as vertical.

Exit fullscreen mode

In non-fullscreen mode, the rotation of the sign box always in vertical screen mode.



Quit dapp, destory the current window


Forbid Physical Back (Only in Android)

Fobid native physical back button in Android


Allow Physical Back (Only in Android)

Allow native physical back button in Android